Preview of CT images from

brand new perspective

Profesional tool for doctors witch allowing analizing rentgen image analizing in VR

A modern program for analizing images from the tomograph

Thanks to our program, you will be able to manage lists of your patients in a quick and organized manner, saving time and more efficiently analyzing images from a computer tomograph or magnetic resonance imaging. The application allows you to load photos into the Virtual Reality environment, giving you the opportunity to view and analyze them in a new, unconventional way. Photos displayed in the form of 3D models can be freely rotated and viewed from different angles.

A modern VR technology

Virtual Reality technology allows computer generation of an image of artificial reality, which allows for the creation of a computer vision of phenomena, objects and space. Today, this technology is mainly used to generate images and acoustic effects. Virtual Reality technology is mainly used to create functional simulations (e.g. interactive training for surgeons, models of construction works and buildings, simulations of archaeological excavations and many others) and in the entertainment industry. VR technology is developing at a rapid pace - the increase in the value of the global VR / AR / MR market is estimated by specialists at approximately 13% per year. Its current value is approximately $ 11 billion. It is an industry that is increasingly interested in representatives of industries in which this technology has not yet been used, such as medicine or Industry 4.0 solutions. The VR market currently shows great potential and this is a good time to introduce new innovative solutions in this area.

The project is created thanks to the investment of Brave Seed Fund sp. z o.o. Kujawsko-Pomorskie Fundusz Kapitałowy ASI sp. k.